April is Earth Month and, as a proud supporter of the sustainability movement, we’re sharing our favorite ways to take meaningful action as consumers. From the best places to shop to the proper materials to use, being an informed shopper can be difficult with ongoing changes to regulations and guidelines. Trust us, we get it! So, we rounded up 10 easy ways to protect our planet this Earth Month and beyond.

Recycle your LYS Beauty packaging
It’s no secret that the beauty industry collectively contributes to large-scale plastic production. From billions of decorative folding cartons to beautiful plastic components, the growing impact has caught the attention of world leaders in consideration of long-term consequences. And while the onus is on industry players to implement system-wide change, there are ways to lessen the damage at an individual level to help move the needle. If you’re a beauty lover, recycling or repurposing your packaging can help divert excess waste from landfills. Oftentimes, those old foundation bottles and eyeshadow palettes that are tossed in the garbage end up in landfills with microplastics in our ocean…which is never the goal. Remember, we’re all about putting beauty into the world, not taking from it!

LYS Beauty’s folding cartons are FSC-certified (AKA, responsibly made), and the packaging incorporates glass and tubes/plastic using a minimum of  30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials. To safely dispose of old makeup empties, search for your local donation centers and recycling programs.

Opt for sustainably made feminine care products
In recent years, the push for eco-friendly and organic feminine care products has highlighted the importance of eliminating chemicals, pesticides, and allergens from menstrual products routinely used in and on our bodies. Not only are single-use products a major contributor to one’s carbon footprint, but they’re often created with potentially carcinogenic dioxin, bleach and chlorine, which isn’t good for us, nor the planet! Instead, opt for organic tampon and pad alternatives, or non-traditional methods like period panties and menstrual cups.  

Swap out sandwich bags with reusable food containers
The return-to-office transition has officially kicked off, so it’s time to upgrade your food container system for those yummy leftovers or meal prep. If your storage cabinet is filled with plastic containers, here’s your sign to swap them out with glass storage containers. Not only will it help preserve the food (and its flavors), but plastic containers are proven to leach chemicals directly into our food…even BPA-free ones! 

Eliminate single-use plastic (bye-bye wasteful straws!)
From morning ice coffee and H2O to the afternoon matcha pick-me-up, the constant use of single-use plastic straws can be detrimental to the environment. Even major brands like McDonald’s and Panera Bread have transitioned to paper straws.. Build your own collection of glass or stainless steel reusable straws. For added bonus, B.Y.O.S. (bring your own straw) when you dine out by using reusable, purse-approved straws. 

Utilize reusable grocery bags 

Because why wait for a plastic bag ban? Convert that under-the-sink grocery bag collection for durable, washable, and reusable grocery bags. 

Carpool - it’s more fun that way!

Know before you go. Carpooling is one of the most socially economical means of transportation, so before you hop in the car to venture out on solo travels, think twice about the endless benefits to driving with other riders. Not only does carpooling help save money overtime, but it helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced by cars, which contributes to global warming. Plus, you get access to the HOV lane, so it’s the ultimate win-win! 

Shop the pre-loved market for your favorite fashion items

If you have eyes on the fashion industry, you might be aware of the ongoing movement to establish a new-age system rooted in sustainable integrity. And, as the consumer, the power is in your hands to show advocacy in action. The amount of sustainable apparel companies coming into the market in droves pulls the allure from the myriad of fast fashion brands offering affordable, trendy pieces. Instead of filling your wardrobe with low-grade items that harm the environment and never stand the test of time, curate a thoughtful collection of responsibly-made brands, or shop the preloved market. With e-commerce options like Poshmark, TheRealReal, and ThreadUp, it’s easy to transition into a shopping model that doesn’t support the mass production and harmful supply chain that is fast fashion. 

Use a reusable water bottle 

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls drink plenty of water for optimal skin health. But, the eco-friendly girls use reusable bottles. At LYS, we always stress the importance of water consumption to promote a healthy, radiant-looking complexion from the inside-out, but single-use bottles are a huge no-no, as plastic is not biodegradable. If you must use plastic beverage bottles, dispose of them in designated recycling bins. Otherwise, find a daily water bottle that will help inspire you to hit your water goal without.  

Shop seasonal fruits and veggies 

Just like hunting down last season’s designer items can pose challenges, maintaining access to out-of-season fruits and vegetables is also a tough task. The environment takes a hit from the global mass production and distribution of fruits and vegetables from growing and harvesting to consumption and waste. The global food system accounts for a significant portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so eating seasonally appropriate produce is a great way to reduce the impact, while also supporting local farmers. For reference, produce like asparagus, mangoes, peas, and broccoli are optimal for spring, while avocados, bell peppers, peaches, and tomatoes are prime in summer. In fall, apples, cauliflower, kale, and mushroom are in-season, and winter calls for brussel sprouts, lemons, oranges, and squash. 

Support sustainably-minded brands 

We previously mentioned advocacy in action because this is the most effective way to push for stricter bans and regulations around sustainability. The global call-to-action for government officials and industry leaders is loud and clear when the financial support for sustainably-minded brands take precedence over their irresponsible, or non-eco-friendly competitors. When shopping, take an extra moment to assess the contributions that your favorite beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands are making towards the world’s climate crisis, and spend accordingly. Because the best way to show your support, or lack thereof, is through the pocket.  

The conversation shouldn’t stop here! #ConfidenceCrew, comment below your favorite tips and tricks for making mindful and sustainable decisions in your everyday life.