From day one, we’ve dedicated ourselves to reshaping the clean beauty landscape, making room for every unique form of beauty to feel celebrated, loved, and welcomed. Our products are more than skin-deep; they’re created to showcase your individuality while treating your skin with the care it deserves. Yet, our impact reaches far beyond the mirror.

A pattern of breaking boundaries

The LYS Beauty Legacy is an ongoing commitment and promise to empower individuals in overlooked and underrepresented communities through charitable donations, non-profit partnerships, and active community engagement.

We believe in providing tangible tools and creating environments that foster mental and emotional wellness, connecting the dots between inner and outer beauty. Our commitment is etched into the financial fabric of our company, ensuring continued support for organizations driving change.

“Giving back isn’t just a mission, it’s our enduring commitment to our Confidence Crew in a world where wellness, both inside and out, should take center stage.”

- Tisha Thompson, Founder and CEO