Because sometimes it’s more about what we should stop doing.

The New Year often comes with many empty promises to kickstart a new routine, lifestyle, project, or habit. Whether you’re consciously making an effort to change or not, the calendar switching over to January 1 oftentimes sparks a desire for change. But research shows that most resolutions will fail by February…like 80 percent!

So, we’re declaring 2023 the year of the anti-resolution, or things we should stop doing. And if you’re a beauty lover, this one’s for you.

Sleeping with makeup

We’ve all been there. Coming in from a late night, or simply feeling too tired to remove our makeup after a long day of glam. But, regardless of how clean the formula is, concealer, foundation and powders are not meant to go from day to day, as they run the risk of clogging pores and causing skin disturbances. Furthermore, after a day’s worth of exposure to environmental stressors, a thorough night-time wash is the perfect preventative skincare step to optimize your skin’s health.

Pro Tip: After removing your makeup using a cleansing balm, give your skin the added moisture it needs with the Think Bright Glow + Hydrate Serum, which is formulated with antioxidant-rich Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to infuse the skin with intensive, long-lasting hydration. In other words, it’s the perfect treat for ridding your skin of days-old makeup.

Not cleaning applicators
Just as your skin requires daily maintenance to avoid breakouts, so do your applicators. Whether you’re a beauty sponge lover, brush aficionado, or recently turned to TikTok’s trending makeup puffs, any applicator used to bring your look to life should be cleaned regularly to avoid product buildup and the subsequent skin concerns that follow suit. To manage daily upkeep, use an antibacterial spray to spot clean your brushes with a towelette. Then, opt for a deep cleanse or shampoo once or twice a month, depending on your usage.

Pro Tip: The LYS Beauty makeup brushes are made with synthetic bristles, which are incredibly soft to the touch and very easy to clean. If you notice bristles stiffening, or creating streaks whilst blending, this is a tale-tale sign that it’s time to wash your brushes. After cleaning and rinsing the brushes completely, lay them flat to completely dry to prevent bacteria from settling into the brush.

Using makeup wipes
Makeup wipes are so… 2010s! Despite being an easy, fool-proof way to rid the skin and lips of products, makeup wipes have proven to be detrimental to both the environment and complexion (in that order). Drenched in makeup remover, makeup wipes promise to eliminate every trace of makeup from the skin. But there’s nothing quite like a proper 60-second cleanse (thank you, @LABeautyologist). Instead of reaching for these single use towelettes that almost always leave behind product that has settled into the pores and fine lines of the face, opt for a gentle makeup removing balm that will dissolve layers of complexion, lip, and eye product from the skin, making your nighttime routine a breeze. A hydrating balm will leave skin feeling soft and supple after, preserving the skin’s natural oils, for a comfortable feeling right before bed.  

Face-only SPF application

All the beauty lovers know to wear SPF every day, or do they?  Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, BlackGirlSunscreen and Goop both have skus that have risen in popularity among the masses, underscoring the importance of proper sun protective care. This has been an age-old cheat code for aging gracefully and not accelerating the development of fine lines and wrinkles. However, many people use the jawline as a marker for where the product application ends, leaving their neck and decolletage unprotected and exposed to harmful UV rays.

Pro Tip: After applying SPF to the face and neck, wipe the excess product on the back of the hands, which typically are the first to show visible signs of aging.

Negative self-talk

In 2023, we’re putting an end to negative self-talk. Because what if we told you that the inward conversations you have with yourself are expressed externally? For instance, if you freely give yourself compliments and positive affirmations, it will radiate from you. You’ll stand taller. Smile wider. Walk firmer. But, if you’re constantly hailing insults at yourself, it, too, will radiate. The relationship that we have with ourselves is the foundation for every other relationship we have and treating ourselves with the same tender love and grace that we show others is what we’re all about.

Pro Tip: Place positive affirmations in the spaces you frequent, like your bathroom mirror or iPhone screensaver, to remind you to be kind to yourself throughout the day.

Sometimes it’s good to be a quitter. Sound off in the comments below to let us know your 2023 beauty anti-resolution.