If you’ve taken a look at the season’s most popular makeup trends, dewy, radiance-boosting makeup is likely at the top of any list from editorial suggestions to personal preferences. From the latest red carpet looks to everyday looks spotted on Instagram, there’s no denying the overall interest in skin-first makeup that showcases a natural balanced complexion.


It was just a few years ago where matte glam dominated the industry, becoming an everyday staple for those with oily, combination, and dry skin types. And while you may still be reaching for your full coverage complexion products, many have adopted the effortless, no-makeup makeup look that conceals dark spots and blemishes, while leaving room for your natural oils and texture to peek through.


But, how does it ensure staying power during the year’s hottest months? There’s nothing worse than finishing a beautiful look only for it to be ruined by sweat marks, lack of vibrancy, breakthrough shine, or unwanted texture just hours later. Today, we’re dishing our 5 best-kept secrets for locking makeup in place for long-term performance, while still enjoying a radiant finish!


The secret to achieving this look is all in the skincare prep and complexion product selection, underscoring the importance of clean beauty. As makeup sits on your face from sunup to sun down, it’s worth finding the right line up of products that tend to your skin’s needs, whether that’s frequent blemishes, hyperpigmentation, visible signs of aging, or dullness. After all, your makeup only looks as great as your base allows. With a proper routine in place, it’s easy to take part in the trend that leaves behind a healthy and vibrant-looking complexion without maximum coverage.


  1. Exfoliate Weekly: It’s impossible to create a flawless-looking base with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells staking out on the face. Weekly exfoliation helps slough off dead skin cells, which can otherwise lead to unwanted texture on the face. Take your pick from chemical or physical exfoliants to reveal a visibly refreshed complexion before makeup is applied. It is recommended to exfoliate 1-3 times a week for the most desirable results.


  1. Hydrate Liberally: Those with oily to combination skin types may think to veer away from hydrating formulations, but excess oil is often a byproduct of dehydrated skin. To promote the healthiest complexion, apply your preferred choice of cream, gel or oil to deeply hydrate and replenish the skin. This will carryover into your makeup look, ensuring the skin does not have to overproduce oil to moisturize itself.


  1. Prime! Prime! Prime! If you’re one to skip this step, you might be missing out! Just as painters prepare their canvas before creating a masterpiece, primer is the key to balancing the look of skin prior to any complexion products. The Secure Skin Gripping Primer leaves a tacky feel on the skin to latch onto products for long-lasting performance. Whether you’re wearing foundation or not, this silicone-free product helps control the look of excess shine with the help of Niacinamide. It’s formulated to visibly minimize the look of enlarged pores and brighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation, making it the perfect everyday primer for both no-makeup makeup looks and full glam.


  1. Specialized Baking: While leaving layers of powder underneath the eye area is reserved for high-coverage glamorous looks, using powder strategically is one of the best ways to preserve that just-applied look. Apply the Triple Threat Translucent Pressed Setting Powder immediately following primer and for on-the-go touch ups. The talc-free powder is formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate to help retain skin moisture, so you can enjoy a soft matte look without over drying the skin. The pressed formula makes it easy to restore your makeup look without adding additional coverage. An over-baked under-eye is the easiest way to spot makeup techniques from years past. Instead, opt for a thin layer to create an undetectable veil on the face.


  1. Utilize Cream Formulas: Cream formulas are the perfect way to liven up the complexion, bringing much-needed vibrancy to normal to dry skin types. Swap out your powder blush and foundation formulas for light-to-medium coverage cream and liquid formulas that resemble the skin’s natural luminosity. To customize your look, apply cream complexion products in light, thin layers, building and layering as desired. For oily and combination skin types, simply set high-shine areas with a thin layer of powder to reduce excessive shine.