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Behind the Brand: Introducing Our Founder

Behind the Brand: Introducing Our Founder

Behind every brand is a fearless leader...let’s meet ours!

Tisha Thompson, Founder and CEO of LYS Beauty, is on a steadfast mission to shake up the beauty industry, making clean formulas and inclusive ranges accessible to all. With more than 15 years’ industry experience working intimately across product development, brand management, marketing, finance and operations, Tisha has had a front-row seat to the industry’s biggest shifts. Known to challenge the status quo, Tisha has birthed LYS from the desire to create thoughtfully formulated makeup and skincare solutions that address the most troublesome concerns from hyperpigmentation to blemishes and visible signs of aging.


Throughout the years, Tisha has worked diligently to fill gaps in the market pertaining to performance, shade offerings, undertones and marketing representation. She has traveled near and far to uncover the world’s best beauty practices, emerging trends and consumer concerns to translate into game-changing beauty solutions. A total non-believer of compromising, Tisha creates products that break down barriers, build up confidence and give you every reason to Love Your Self.

Fast Facts: 

  1. Favorite Product in the Line?  Triple Fix Serum Foundation is my go-to for a natural, yet glamorous beat. I’m a working mom with two active boys and this product easily blends onto the skin in the morning and gives me a flawless, long-lasting base with buildable coverage for the days I want extra coverage. 
  2. Best-Kept Beauty Secret? Niacinamide is a powerhouse ingredient for me. With combination skin, this has become my pores’ best friend and my secret to keeping them appearing non-existent. I always look for ways to add this to my formulas where I see fit. 
  3. Most Difficult Product to Formulate? I’ll always have special love for color products, but complexion is really where my passion lies. The foundation was my favorite, and most difficult, formula to create because I was adamant about getting the most versatile and flexible shade range with all the proper undertones. Striking the balance between the product depth and undertone can take awhile to execute, but I’m so excited about the final result! 
  4. One Beauty Product You Cannot Live Without? You will never catch me without my Lip Oil! I can’t stand the feeling of dry lips, so you’ll find them scattered throughout every  makeup bag, car and purse, as well as every room in the house. 
  5. Brush or Beauty Sponge? I’m a brush lover without a doubt. 
  6. Makeup or Skincare? Both! I’ll take my makeup with skincare in it.  HA! You like how I did that!
  7. Current Favorite Beauty Trend?  Applying setting powder under your foundation to create a creaseless, long-lasting base. I don’t always have the time to slip away for a touch-up and this keeps my foundation looking just-applied all day. 
  8. No Makeup, Makeup or Full Glam? No Makeup, Makeup.
  9. An Old Makeup Trend That You Would Like to Bring Back?  I love adding lots  of blush, even up to the temples. It’s an easy way to add a youthful and lively glow to the skin. 
  10. What Can We Expect for the Future of LYS?  Oh gosh, so much more stuff is coming! I can’t wait! You can always expect for LYS to innovate in the clean beauty space, providing products that satisfy our beauty cravings without compromising skin health. 

Keep up with Tisha on Instagram @glamourgurl5 and join the #ConfidenceCrew @LYSBeautyOfficial.