Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation about sustainability without mentioning the beauty industry and its impact on the overall solution. From responsibly sourced packaging to eco-conscious ingredient innovation, this $511B+ industry has a significant impact on the success of holistic sustainability efforts. Whether you’re an indie or big box brand, there is no denying the steady uptick in consumers’ interest to transition into organic ingredients and environmentally sound products, particularly amongst gen Z and millennial consumers. More than ever, brands and consumers are calling for an increase in sustainable options and many brands are stepping up to pave the way.  In honor of Earth Month, we’re sharing the need-to-know information about sustainability in beauty, as well as easy-to-adopt green practices that can yield positive environmental impacts.

As an industry dedicated to celebrating various forms of beauty, the cosmetic industry’s impact on the earth is far from pretty. In fact, Zero Waste Week reported more than 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging are generated globally each year, ultimately finding a home in our landfills or oceans. The industry’s overuse of single-use plastic, which can take years to decompose, is undoubtedly contributing to waste, as well as providing potential risks for other living organisms. However, when it comes to green beauty, the definition spans far beyond packaging materials and into natural ingredients, as well as sustainable and renewable resources. In fact, the harsh chemicals and toxins that have been linked to potential health risks also pose a threat to the environment. Not only are frequent makeup wearers likely to absorb nearly five pounds of chemicals into their bodies annually, according to the Organic Consumers Association, but the same ingredients can be detrimental to mother nature.

When googling green beauty, you will likely see many opposing views and opinions of what it means to classify a brand as “green,” which is why LYS Beauty established its own formula standards to help maximize the skin’s potential without the nasties. This three-step approach includes: 1) establishing non-negotiable brand pillars, 2) creating a comprehensive exclusions list and 3) intentional packaging design.

Beauty lovers looking to make the switch to clean, green products can breathe easy knowing this brand is a proud supporter and participant of the sustainability movement, including the use of responsibly made product packaging and cartons. LYS uses FSC-certified folding cartons and packaging featuring glass and tubes using 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials to help protect the environment. Additionally, these brand-specific guidelines include being 100% free of animal testing.

Not only are excluded ingredients harmful, but inefficient in ensuring the effectiveness of your products. Gone are the days of sacrificing your skin’s health for a high-performing product. Give your skin what it deserves by swapping out face, skin, hair and nail products packed with harmful, eco-threatening ingredients and opt for cleaner formulas.

While many eyes are fixed on sustainable brand initiatives, real progress will take a collaborative effort. Here are 8 non-intimidating  sustainable beauty practices for anyone to try to promote the health of the planet.

  1. Detox your makeup collection of harmful ingredients found on our exclusions list
  2. Say goodbye to single use makeup remover wipes and opt for reusable cleansing towels
  3. Repurpose old components for another use
  4. Donate makeup to local women’s shelters or people in need
  5. Responsible water usage habits
  6. Opt for reusable bags while shopping
  7. Recycle unwanted packaging and product empties
  8. Support brands focused on environmental, human, social and economic sustainability

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