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#CrewTalk: Cold-Weather Approved Beauty Must-Haves, As Told By LYS Team

#CrewTalk: Cold-Weather Approved Beauty Must-Haves, As Told By LYS Team

Keeping up with seasonal beauty trends can become an entire ordeal. From ongoing attempts to combat dryness and flakes to experimenting with the latest trends, it can become difficult narrowing down the best products to get you through the winter with confidence. In this first-of-its-kind product round-up, the LYS Beauty team is sharing their best-kept beauty secrets in a new series - Crew Talk. Each post, the team will spill their go-to products, confidence boosters, and lifestyle habits for the best versions of themselves.  

Whether you spend your winters battling frigid temperatures, or skirt by with mild weather conditions, it’s common to experience behavioral skincare shifts due to a change of season. For oily skin types, this may look like excess oil production due to dehydrated skin, while those with normal to dry skin may experience chapped lips, tightness, or dry patches. These critically important beauty products not only provide much-need hydration but offer skin extra TLC when it comes to fighting visible signs of aging.   




 Tisha | CEO | Skin Type: Combination 
“To keep my skin clear I use Secure Skin Gripping Primer mixed with Think Bright Glow + Hydrate Serum before makeup application. I use Triple Fix Serum Foundation as a daytime tinted moisturizer and a tiny bit of out Triple fix concealer, and our speak love glossy lip treatment oil.  At night, I use Think Bright as an overnight treatment for deep, lasting hydration” 

When asked: What gives you confidence?! “Having a positive outlook on life and myself allows me to be confident. Understanding and acknowledging that perfection does not equal happiness and it’s OK to be the very best version of you as you are!” 


Kalyn | Social Media Intern | Skin Type: Dry  
“My go-to products for hydrating my skin during the colder months are the Supergoop Superskin Daily Moisturizer and the LYS Think Bright Glow + Hydrate Serum. On days that my skin needs a little extra love and hydration, I love to use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque.  When I am rushing to classes, my staples to get me out of the door include our Triple fix concealer, and a little bit of bronzer. 

When asked: What gives you confidence?! "Trying my best not to compare myself to others, reminding myself that social media can be FAKE!"




Melissa | Community Manager | Skin Type: Combination 

“My holy grail is the LYS Think Bright Glow + Hydrate Serum. When my skin is in extra need of hydration, I sit in front of my Vanity Planet Facial Steamer for about 20 minutes prior to applying my Think Bright Serum, then as a mommy on the go, I apply one of our mattifying cream blushes (color all depends on the day) and set my T-Zone with our setting powder." 

When asked: What gives you confidence?! “Positive self-affirmations. I literally make myself look in the mirror and say out loud one thing I love about myself that day. Ie: my hair looks good, my skin is glowing, or something like my outfit is cute!”





Marielis | Sales and Marketing Manager | Skin Type: Oily 

My absolute fav and repurchased item for each winter is Sunday Riley’s ICE moisturizer, as it’s nice and moisturizing without being overwhelmingly oily for my skin. As an expecting mother experiencing hormonal changes, I now am using less makeup but loving our new Triple Fix brightening concealer, along with our self-love mattifying blush and harmony bronzer.  This combo is perfect on the GO." 

When asked: What gives you confidence?! "In reality, a super cute outfit and sexy pair of heels is what shows my true confidence!” 




Crysten Curry | PR and Communications Manager | Skin Type: Normal  

“My skin type is normal with occasional breakthrough shine, but I look for moisture anywhere I can find it during the winter months. The LYS Beauty Speak Love Hydrating Lip Treatment Oil is an everyday staple for me, regardless of season, so I never have to deal with chapped lips. I also use my Vanity Planet facial steamer a few times weekly to help my hydrating serums and emollients penetrate deeper for maximum hydration.”  

When asked: What gives you confidence? Affirmations do wonders for my confidence! There's something so empowering about re-affirming my worth, capabilities, and future with total conviction, so I incorporate them into my every day.” 

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