Out with the old, in with the new.

Beauty is one of the fastest moving industries with trends circulating in-and-out on a consistent basis. The start of the year is the perfect time to hit *refresh* on your collection and tap into the trends that we can expect from leading brands, makeup artists, influencers, and celebrities. This month, we caught up with our Founder and CEO, Tisha Thompson, to pick her brain on the hottest trends of 2023, including what’s here to stay…and what got left behind in 2022.

Five Questions with Tisha Thompson.

Q: What makeup trend do you think will dominate in 2023?
Ever since 2020 when everyone was wearing masks on a regular basis, the attention in cosmetics shifted into the complexion. Suddenly, everyone was wanting to know the best way to care for their skin underneath the mask, preserve moisture, and generally treat their skin with the proper products. Couple that with the emergence of TikTok, and customers are learning more about their complexion needs and how to best care for it. That said, I anticipate skincare makeup continuing to expand in the beauty category. People want products that not only give instant visual results but can help improve the overall look of their skin. I anticipate seeing many hybrid products, like our Triple Fix Serum Foundation, that marry both cosmetic and skincare benefits in one.

Q: What makeup trend do you anticipate making an epic return in 2023?

TT: I’m really looking forward to the (hopeful) return of powder highlighters. After years of matte foundation and concealers dominating the market, we’ve become equally obsessed with formulas that promote a natural glow, which lends an eventual return of highlighters. However, instead of chunky glitter powders, I do anticipate seeing updated formulas that give the illusion of naturally-occurring radiance such as our Aim High Multi-Use Liquid Highlighter vs. high-glam chalky formulas that can accentuate texture.

Q: Which trend are you excited to leave behind in 2022?

A: While lash extensions remain a go-to in many people’s beauty maintenance routines, I do think we will continue seeing long, dramatic lashes phase out as many opt for natural-looking lashes. We will continue to see people experiment with different lengths and shapes that accentuate–not take away from– their eye look.

Q: Which trend do you see finding success in editorial (print, campaigns, runways) AND mainstream?

TT: Brows are always having a moment. In recent years, we’ve seen the shift from structured Instagram-brows to the fluffy soap brow and even graphic liner brows thanks to people like Doja Cat. I’m interested to see this trend continue to evolve and expect it to do so both commercially and editorially. The brows are the frame for the face and have the power to completely transform an entire look, so I anticipate a wide array of brow styles from barely-there to bold.

Q: Where’s the ultimate resource-hub for beauty trends in 2023?

TT: Makeup is a form of artistry, so you can pull inspiration from the world around you when it comes to bringing a look to life. That said, social media remains a vital tool in introducing new products, application techniques, hacks, etc. to the world at rapid speed. Each platform offers its own unique experience. It’s no secret that TikTok is amazing for product discovery, whereas long-form videos on YouTube are beneficial for educational videos. Pinterest and Instagram are also great avenues for sourcing different makeup looks.