Spring cleaning is kind of like working out…We’re always reluctant to start, but we’re satisfied and full of endorphins once it’s finally over!

In the beauty industry, new launches are constantly hitting the market and when you’re indulging in haul after haul, it can be difficult keeping track of the varying expiration dates. And while product build-up, dryness, and hitting pan are all tell-tale signs of a product's final stages, the change in season is the perfect opportunity to refresh and revamp your makeup collection. Just as we swap out puffers and knits for linens and maxi dresses, your makeup collection deserves the same TLC and upgrades to keep things fresh.

The basic rule of thumb for any seasonal cleaning is to first take inventory of what you have, and identify which items need to get the boot. If your cabinets are filled to the brim with unopened and unused products, donate them to a local women’s shelter to someone who would appreciate them. Otherwise, comb through your previously used items to see where you need replacements before cashing out on newbies. You might notice a small package symbol located on your makeup products with “9M” or “12M” in the box. This is the most accurate indicator to follow, but here is a general guide to product lifespans:

Complexion Products

Liquid complexion products, like the Triple Fix Serum Foundation or Triple Fix Full Coverage Brightening Concealer, should be replaced every nine months to a year. Often, skin tones may fluctuate with the seasons due to excess sun exposure during warmer months, so use this as your opportunity to re-up on your current shade, and dispose of any older formulas. Dry powders, like pressed foundations and setting powders, typically have a longer lifespan with some formulas lasting up to two years. 

Eye Products

If you guessed that eye products are the quickest to expire, you are correct! The eye area is incredibly sensitive, so it’s important to frequently swap out expired goods. When it comes to liquid eyeliner, pencil liners, and cream eyeshadows, six months is the recommendation to replace them after usage although they can have up to 12-36M expected lifespans. However, mascaras should be swapped out every three months to prevent bacterial build up and formula staleness.  Meaning, if you can’t recall the last time you purchased a new tube, you’re likely overdue!


Brushes and makeup sponges play a key role in achieving the look you want, but they’re only as good as they are preserved. While LYS Beauty’s luxe, hypoallergenic brushes are designed to stand the test of time with grade A handles and bristles, thorough cleaning is essential to preserving your tools. For optimal results, spot clean your brushes and sponges after each use with a cloth and disinfectant spray, and deep clean applicators using a gentle, antibacterial soap each week.


Upgrading your collection

Now that you’ve officially cleaned out your cabinet, it’s time to replace those icky, stale makeup products with fresh new items that will help you take advantage of of-the-moment beauty trends. This spring and summer, expect to see punchy blush, dewy complexions, and matte eyeshadows taking center stage, and we are totally obsessed!

Check out our top product swaps, or application hacks, to experiment with this season. Whether you’re a bare-faced beauty or glam girl with an affinity for full-coverage looks, these clean beauty recommendations and key practices will help you promote a healthy-looking complexion that reflects the radiant beauty that’s within!

Setting Powder (All over) → Setting Spray

Setting powders and setting sprays are called upon to lock makeup looks in place to maintain that coveted, just-applied look. And whether you’re preparing for a night out or an action-packed day of activities, the longer your makeup stays intact, the better. This spring, keep your complexion appearing radiant and glowing by incorporating a setting spray. Instead of dusting the Triple Fix Translucent Setting Powder over your entire face, concentrate on setting the under-eye area with powder, then allow the setting spray to take center stage. Then, for on-the-go touch ups, apply powder only on areas experiencing breakthrough shine to allow your complexion to breathe and thrive.

Foundation brush → beauty sponge

Applicators are often a matter of preference, but there are subtle differences in the finish when using a brush compared to a sponge applicator. Spring and summer are when skin has that beautiful, sun-kissed glow, so controlling the amount of complexion product used is key to achieving coverage without accentuating texture or appearing cakey. If a foundation brush is your go-to applicator, try blending your liquid and cream foundation and concealer formulas with the Confident Complexion Sponge Duo. The complexion sponge helps achieve that filtered, yet natural, appearance, while the precision sponge gets into hard-to-reach areas for a seamless, streak-free blend each time.

Mixing blush + setting powder

Season after season, blush has been clinging tight to its spot on everyone’s trend list. And if you’re not yet on the blush wave, LYS Beauty’s Higher Standard Satin Matte Cream blushes have easy-to-use formulas so you can mix, match, and customize your own blush look. Just take your pick from six varying shades that complement all skin tones, and never accentuate skin texture on the cheek. But, for a springtime seasonal twist, mixing your blush and setting powder is the secret weapon behind creating a flawlessly executed blush look. That’s right, makeup artists of some of the industry’s top celebrities are dipping their sponges into translucent powder and blush to help set the under eye area. Bringing a slight pink or peach hue to the under eye creates a seamless blend between the highlight and cheek blush, making the entire look more cohesive.

Add in a hydrating serum

The old myth is that colder months are for skin hydrating, while warmer temps call for sun protection, but the truth is, our skin needs adequate hydration and sun protection all year round. There’s a common misconception with oily skin types that hydration begets more oil, but that’s not totally true. Oftentimes, breakthrough shine is the overproduction of oil due to dehydrated skin, so even those with oily skin types need to adequately hydrate with topical solutions. Whether you have oily/combination skin, or fall on the dryer side of the spectrum, the vegan Think Bright Glow + Hydrate Serum is the perfect hydration-booster for the spring and summer. Infused with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, this fast-acting morning and night serum helps fight visible signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, while the rejuvenating mix of Pineapple, Pomegranate, and Licorice extracts help gently resurface skin over time.