We’ve all been there. Dedicating hours to curating a seasonally appropriate makeup look, blending it to perfection and landing on a finished look that wows. Then, after a few hours have passed you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror wondering where that just-applied finish went and why your makeup is running down your face. It’s the worst. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help your makeup stand the test of time, depending on your skin type. Whether you struggle with excess oil breaking through or radiance falling flat, these hacks will help bolster the effectiveness of your complexion products, making them springtime-approved.

Understanding your skin type is half the battle when it comes to building the perfect regimen for lasting performance. However, as the seasons change, it’s important to take note of the subtle changes in the skin to see how external elements may be impacting the skin’s overall appearance or behavior. While winter can often lead to dry, flaky skin, it’s common to experience a shift to oily, blemish-prone skin in the warmer months. Whichever skin type you belong to, we’re sharing the untold secrets and tried and true methods to making your makeup last from day to night.

Tip #1: Exfoliate
Flawless makeup application comes from a productive skincare regimen, including frequent exfoliation from chemical or physical exfoliants. This practice, coupled with deep cleansing, SPF wearing and moisturizing will prepare your canvas for seamless application. Exfoliating, particularly for those with oily or blemish-prone skin, helps slough off any dead skin cells for a smooth and even-looking base.

Tip #2: Prime to Perfection
Preparation is key and when it comes to makeup, the saying still rings true. While you may be able to get away with not priming in the cooler months, the success of your complexion products is almost entirely in the priming stage as temperatures rise. For oily skin types or those with uneven texture or tone, priming is a crucial step to create a uniformed look, blur any noticeable imperfections and prepare the face for a long day of glam. Specifically, primers with gripping capabilities, like Secure Skin, can help balance the look of skin and control the appearance of excess shine throughout the day with or without makeup. This dual-action serum primer is fortified by Niacinamide, Ginger Root Extract, Grapefruit Extracts and an AHA-Fruit Blend to provide added skincare benefits long after the makeup comes off.

Tip #3: Strategic Baking
We’re all accustomed to the highlight and baking method used by translucent loose setting powder, but how does that work with the season’s hottest trend of skin-like finishes? Simply swap out your favorite loose setting powder with a pressed formula, like the Triple Fix Translucent Setting Powder, to strategically bake certain areas on the face to lock makeup in. The goal is never to flatten the makeup, but hold it in place long enough until the skin’s natural oils peep through for a natural, your-skin-but-better finish.  

Tip #4: Mix and Match Formula Types
A common misconception is that your skin type locks you into certain formulas. For example, those will dry skin typically gravitate towards moisture-rich, radiance-boosting formulas, while those on the oily spectrum opt for mattifying formulas. The key to achieving lasting, yet wearable makeup looks is mixing and matching your formulas depending on the skin’s unique needs. If you go for a radiant foundation, opt for a mattifying concealer to pinpoint areas that require extra staying power. Similarly, oily skin types can indulge in luminous concealers if they are being set with mattifying powder. Finding the perfect balance of formulas will allow you the flexibility to customize your look.

Tip #5: Armor Up

With translucent powder. That’s right. Sometimes the trick to lasting makeup is simply ensuring you are equipped with the tools to put an end to breakthrough shine. The Triple Fix Translucent Setting Powder provides a thin layer of protection against unwanted shine without building additional coverage. Created in a travel-friendly, no mess component, this lightweight powder can instantly diffuse the look of unwanted shine during the warmer months.