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Skin Prep: Everything Your Skin Needs Prior to Makeup Application

Skin Prep: Everything Your Skin Needs Prior to Makeup Application

An A+ complexion is rarely the case of chance. It’s likely the result of great skincare and makeup products working together to create a visibly radiant, long-lasting look. Just as a true artist preps their canvas before going in with paint, makeup wearers should prep their skin before applying product to create the best foundation. For oily skin types, this may be finding a silicone-free primer to visibly balance the complexion, while dry skin types may concentrate on exfoliating to slough off any dead skin. Whichever end of the spectrum you are, great skin prep is the hidden gem behind maximizing your product’s full potential.


In true skincare fashion, the first step in preparing your canvas and promoting a healthy-looking complexion is ensuring you consume enough water and a clean, balanced diet. In a recent article, we shared our favorite tasty treats that help create a beautiful complexion from the inside out. As for topicals, we’ve rounded up the best skincare tips to prep your skin for makeup application based on skin type.



Aside from the obvious reasons to clean your face (removing dirt and grime), cleansing the skin also helps balance the complexion and create a fresh start to any makeup look. Depending on your skin type, the cleanser used can also yield greater product results if you effectively target your most troublesome skin concern. Pro tip: for an enhanced skincare routine, incorporate the double-cleansing method on makeup days to remove any trace of lingering product.

  • Oily Skin Types: Oily skin, which is characterized by excess sebum production, calls for a lightweight cleanser that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • Dry Skin Types: opt for a sulfate-free hydrating cleanser that infuses the skin with vital moisture.
  • Normal/Combination Skin Types: a micellar water or everyday cleanser that helps gentle rid the skin of any dirt or debris prior to makeup application



If cleanser is the star of the show, think of toner as the supporting cast mate that elevates the star. Together, they make an incredible duo. Applying toner with a cotton pad helps eliminate any remaining grime from the pores, ensuring skin remains revitalized and fresh.

  • Oily Skin Types: toner is especially beneficial for oily skin types, as it yields a more thorough cleanse and deeper penetration of serums and moisturizers. Find toners that are designed to balance and soothe the skin.
  • Dry Skin Types: an alcohol-free toner is a great option for those with dull, dehydrated skin. Search for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe, and glycerin.
  • Normal/Combination Skin Types: take your pick from a myriad of clean toners that contain specialized ingredients to target your specific skin care needs. Toner formulas can help to visibly brighten, balance, and hydrate the skin.



Remember when facial moisturizing was believed to be only for normal to dry skin types? Gone are those days! Moisturizing before makeup application is imperative to ensure the skin preserves optimal moisture levels. It provides a natural glow and helps visibly plump skin for a youthful look.

  • Oily Skin: on makeup days, oily skin types should opt for a lightweight, gel-like moisturizer to keep skin fresh without causing too much slip.
  • Dry Skin: Nothing ruins a great makeup look like feeling the tightness or flakiness of dry skin. Keep your skin supple and comfortable with a hydrating serum like Think Bright Glow + Hydrate Serum or a cream-based moisturizer that’s packed with hydrating humectants and emollients. After a great cleanse and toner, the moisturizer will penetrate deeply to provide lasting results that withstand your makeup look.
  • Normal/Combination: depending on the season, these skin types can experiment with different moisturizer textures, like gels, creams, or liquids.