Spring is officially here and we’re ushering in the new season with the release of our official spring trend report. Our LYS Beauty team has scoured the internet to bring you the need-to-know trends that will be dominating the new season.

WHAT’S HOT → Skin and Scalp Care

It’s no secret that as the temperatures begin to rise, the desire to pack on layers of product often decreases. During the spring and summer months, the skin calls for extra TLC, so you can rock your natural complexion without needing to cover up pesky blemishes or unwanted texture. After all, being summertime fine is all about letting your natural beauty shine through. This season, give your skin that just-finished-a-Hydrafacial glow with the Think Bright Glow + Hydrate serum. The vegan formula is infused with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid to instantly rejuvenate and refresh dry, brittle skin. It’s the perfect post-winter pick-me-up to awaken the complexion for that supple look and irresistibly soft feel.

  • WHAT’S NOT → It’s time to ditch harsh skincare ingredients that strip the skin of its natural oils…for good. Whether it’s the skin on your scalp, face, or body, hydration is the key to preserving the skin and preventing premature visible signs of aging. For spring, swap out your mattifying formulas for moisture-boosting alternatives.


WHAT’S HOT → Underpainting

This beauty application hack was re-introduced and popularized by celebrity makeup artist, Mary Philips, for a seamless bronzing and blushing effect on the skin. It calls for applying cream bronzer and or cream blush underneath foundation for a subtle, barely-there bronze look that accentuates your cheekbones and facial structure without any harsh lines or splotches. In short, you’ll get that sun-kissed look that (literally) radiates from within.

  • WHAT’S NOT → Extreme baking. In 2016, it was nearly impossible to see a makeup tutorial online without people packing on their favorite loose setting powder to lock in concealer for a matte, crease-free finish. Now, natural-looking skin is all the rave. Instead of packing on the powder to achieve that super bright under eye look, simply apply a pressed setting powder, like Triple Fix, to the under-eye area, then instantly dust it off using the Powder Brush. This superfine powder helps to set cream and liquid complexion products without flashback or an overly cakey look.


WHAT’S HOT → The return of red

While colors never flow in-and-out of style, per se, there’s no denying the return of red across the beauty spectrum. From your nail beds (hello, #rednailtheory) to your lips (think Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance), this season is all about finding ways to incorporate this bold, eye-catching color in wearable ways. Shop the newly launched Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick in the shade Rich AF for a classic red that flatters all skin tones. Formulated with Chia Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and Maxi Lip, this creamy lipstick hydrates and comforts the lip for high-impact color without the cracks.

  • WHAT’S NOT → The flat nude lip. While you may not be someone who gravitates towards a pop of color on the lips, the flat nude lip, or skin-tone lip, is officially out as it has the tendency to completely wash out the lips causing an imbalanced makeup look. Instead, try adding a contrasting lip liner 2-3 shades darker than your lipstick to bring definition to the lip shape. Try pairing a darker liner like Speak Love Smooth Glide Lip Pencil in Devoted with a nude creates a natural gradient that gives the appearance of fuller lips.


WHAT’S HOT → Browmania.
Expressive brows have been on the up and up for years as people have uncovered various brow textures and shapes that flatter their face - from bold and tamed to fluffy and unruly. This spring, we can expect to see the bleached brows and dyed brows hitting the mainstream. Pro tip: use a skin-tone concealer, like the Triple Fix Brightening Concealer, to clean up the brow area for precise application each time.

  • WHAT’S NOT →Super defined brows. Whether you have naturally fluffy brows or not, the amped up natural makeup look that is dominating runways and social media feeds calls for a fluffier, more realistic brow that mimics actual brow hairs. Instead of the harsh lines and deeply pigmented brows, opt for a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color, only filling in the sparse areas. Then, use a spoolie to brush up the hairs for a uniformed finish.


WHAT’S HOT →Blush, Blush, Blush

We’ve seen blush rise in popularity blushing recent seasons, and this spring is no exception. From the apples of the cheek to the temples and nose bridge, blush will be an everyday staple to bring color and vibrancy to the complexion. The Higher Standard Satin Matte Cream Blush comes in nine different shades to complement all skin tones and makeup looks.

  • WHAT’S NOT → Chunky highlighters, which are also used to liven up the complexion, are officially on the outs. Powder formulas with thick glitter chunks often emphasize texture and pores on the cheek.