This Federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in Texas is the perfect opportunity to support the advancement of Black business owners.

Before we jump into our official Juneteenth celebration, let’s uncover the true meaning behind the newly recognized federal holiday.

Behind the Holiday

Juneteenth, which was originally recognized as a national holiday since 1983, is an annual celebration in honor of the end of slavery in the U.S., specifically for Black Americans living in Texas. In June 1865, federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to free all remaining slaves (two and a half years after President Abraham Lincooln’s initial signing of the Emancipation Proclamation).

Celebrating in meaningful ways

Today, Juneteenth is widely observed by both Black Americans and activists as a day to recognize the past, while advocating for a better future. From cookouts and parades to volunteer opportunities and service work, this day is about cultivating renewed empowerment and hope for the future.

And part of this mission is the economic advancement of Black people.

Juneteenth, which stands for “June” and “Nineteenth,” is the perfect time to underscore the importance of closing the racial wealth gap, and creating equitable opportunities for Black professionals. Eliminating job discrimination and racial bias in hiring, as well as supporting Black-owned businesses, are tactical ways to keep driving the median wealth for Black families upwards.

Keeping with the spirit of celebration, we’ve rounded up our favorite Black-owned brands across beauty and lifestyle categories to support this month and beyond…because they’re just that good!

Arguably, there’s no better feeling than being complimented on your scent. Whether you switch up your fragrances, or stick to signature scents, adding a perfume to your morning routine brings the entire look together in perfect harmony. But, what if we told you you could do the same for your home? That’s right, self-care lovers can now turn to the beauty industry’s very own Jackie Aina for their home fragrance needs! Fill your space with the sweet aroma of these luxurious, one-of-a-kind candles with maximum burn time. From toasted coconut scented to feminine florals, this robust collection has a match for everyone…and every mood!

Oma the Label
Highlight is to the cheekbones what jewelry is to the body - the perfect accessory! Just as you add a shimmering touch of highlight to bring vibrancy and dimension to the complexion, jewelry gives the same effect to the ears, neck, hand, and wrists. This Black and female-owned brand offers premium handmade jewelry selections in desired styles that never skimp out on quality. Prioritizing quality and accessibility, Oma the Label effectively hits the nail for everyday staples.

Love, Vera
At LYS Beauty, we’re all about confidence and Love, Vera takes our mission and applies it to the home…or bedroom! This all-in-one destination for women’s lingerie, sleepwear, and undergarments, provides the quality we want and sizes we need with prices we all can appreciate. With inclusivity and representation as core pillars, Love, Vera offers endless shades of nude and vibrant colors to fit your personal aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to re-up on your staples, or shop for a special occasion, these styles are guaranteed to help you get in touch with your inner most confident self…an obvious win in our book!

McBride Sisters Wine Company
No girl’s night is complete without the perfect wine pairing and this sister-owned business will have you ready to schedule your next night out! Birthed from the world’s most iconic wine-growing regions, California and New Zealand, this expansive collection was born to help women indulge in sustainable and responsibly sourced wine. This year, the pair released the McBride Sisters Juneteenth Set ($111) complete with Sparkling Brut, Riesling, Rose, Bubbly Red, and Bubbly Rose.

Pattern Beauty
At LYS, we may be a little complexion obsessed, but we love taking care of our crown, too. From thick, coarse hair to fine tresses, this collection has solutions for you for “juicy, joyful, and healthy hair.” Founded by curly-hair goddess, Tracee Ellis Ross, this natural hair product line was designed to treat endless hair types, while maximizing moisture and hydration.

No matter how amazing a beauty product works, it’s only as effective as the skincare beneath it. Meaning, if you take care of your skin, you will likely enjoy the way makeup applies on it. That’s why investing in proper skincare is crucial. Topicals is a science-backed skincare brand created by experts and made for every shade. Acutely aware of the connection between chronic skin conditions and mental health, Topicals has become a major advocate for mental health resources and awareness.

Farai London
Don’t ever let someone dim your shine. And with Farai London, it would be nearly impossible! This exclusive, London-based brand marries premium fabrics with bold, captivating patterns for resort wear that’s sure to capture eyes. The brand, which is founded by Mary-Ann Msengi, initially rose to fame after Kylie Jenner sported one of the earliest designs on Instagram, and has since climbed to 79K Instagram followers, becoming a staple for #HotGirlSummer.

Telfar, the brand behind the “Brooklyn Birkin,” is a New York-based unisex fashion brand that quickly captured the hearts of many for the notorious shopping bags. With the tagline, “Not for you - for everyone,” Telfar became known as a luxury brand with a commitment to accessibility, vowing to never gatekeep their products from the mainstream.

Aya Paper Co.
Who said stationary is dead? At LYS, we’re supporters of the sustainability movement, so indulge in this guilt-free and eco-friendly line of sustainable stationary made with 100% recycled materials. From affirmation calendars to personal notecards and more, this company resurfaces the beauty in handwritten greeting cards and stationary. Founded by environmental justice advocate, SaVonne Anderson, this company offers beautiful stationary without contributing to major themes of climate change, pollution, and waste.

Oui The People
We’ve all had enough of society telling us how and who to be, and this next company takes empowering messaging to the next-level, encouraging women to dith the constant push for perfectionism. A “reconstitution of beauty,” if you will. From skin-enriching body care to ingrown hair serums and shaving tools, this empowering and conscientious brand shifts the conversation surrounding beauty from the endless pursuit of perfectionism to the unapologetic embracement of the skin you’re already in.