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The New Age of Beauty: How The Approach Towards Makeup Is Shifting Post-Covid

The New Age of Beauty: How The Approach Towards Makeup Is Shifting Post-Covid

2021, the year of redemption, is in full swing and as everyone settles into their respective new norms, there’s no denying the major societal shifts happening from reimagined sanitation practices, increased flexibility in work environments, heightened awareness surrounding social issues, and an emphasis on quality time spent with friends and family. It’s safe to say the pandemic has impacted the miniscule and fundamental aspects of our lives both on an individual and collective level. But, how have these drastic changes regarding shopping habits, daily routines, and personal preferences impacted our relationship with beauty?


Is the era of full glam officially over? Is clean beauty the only way of the future? Will hair, nail and body care parlors survive? Let’s find out! LYS Beauty took a deep dive into the major shifts happening across the beauty industry to see how today’s consumer is adjusting their priorities and use of beauty products as we forge ahead into a post-pandemic environment.


Then and Now

As the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20 and in analyzing the beauty industry's halt in 2020, some may argue that it was a much-needed break for brands, retailers, and customers alike. As the entire world was thrusted into quarantine, each party was able to reevaluate their relationship with beauty, and identify clear changes that needed to happen to make this industry more forward-thinking and inclusive. As uncertainty for the future was continuing to rise, articles surrounding the beauty industry’s seemingly inevitable decline were hitting the mainstream in droves. From financial hardships to product launch obstacles, even the most successful brands began to brace for the Covid-19 impact.


Last summer, the industry was given a lifeline through the Pull Up for Change initiative, which gave the beauty industry momentum as both indie and mass brands were given a global stage to tout their diverse and equitable hiring practice…or potential lack thereof! The needs, voices and opinions of beauty consumers were echoed loud and clear, making it obvious the only brands to survive and thrive in this new environment were ones actively fulfilling the dire need for clean formulas, diverse representation, sustainability, and general awareness for skincare needs.


Now, one year later, our LYS Beauty team has rounded up the top changes we can expect to stick around.


Shift in Daily Routines

Quarantine, which caused days and weeks to blend into one another, certainly had an impact on our daily routines. From balancing homeschooling and work obligations to adopting the new wave of virtual events, it’s likely that your day-to-day routines have changed, thus impacting your specific beauty needs. Whether you’ve resumed a version of normalcy, or still holding down the fort with limited outside interactions, beauty lovers are making a return to makeup…with one distinctive difference—the less is more approach. That’s right! Gone are the days of over-filled medicine cabinets and travel pouches jammed with the latest and greatest new product launches.


According to a January 2021 article in The Zoe Report titled “This Skin Care Trend Allows for A Little Laziness,” the writer shares the expectation for “Skinimalism” to become a leading trend for beauty consumers who are looking to pare back in their routines. But, what does this mean? We can expect for people to gravitate towards multi-taking products that leave room for natural beauty to shine through, which is a stark contrast from the extreme full-coverage glam and skin-smoothing filters of recent years.


Additionally, we can expect products that are suitable for daily use with the ability to scale will catch the attention of eager consumers looking to rebuild their collections. The Triple Fix Serum Foundation offers buildable, light-to-medium coverage with skincare benefits making it easy to indulge in your beauty favorites sans the guilt! Formulated with a powerhouse trio inclusive of Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric, and Ashwagandha, this $22 foundation comes in 35 universal shades that instantly conceal the look of blemishes, dark spots and imperfections with added skincare benefits that target dull, dehydrated and stressed skin.


Shift in Personal Priorities

If we take a walk down memory lane, it’s not hard to identify the notable makeup trends that have changed in the industry. Excessive baking underneath the eyes, bold, well-constructed brows and the use of extreme matte, high-coverage foundations are all blasts from the past that are typically reserved for special occasions. And while trends will continue coming and going through a revolving door, the demand for products that are good for your skin is ever present. In the pre-Covid environment, purchase decisions were almost entirely led by coverage, performance, and a solid product recommendation from our favorite influencers. Now, customers are more discerning and savvier than ever, with the ability to dissect an ingredient list to see how well it works to promote optimal skin health.


The need for clean beauty is apparent, but just as the topic sparks interest, it also sparks controversy due to the lack of regulation surrounding the topic. Therefore, in the meantime, we predict consumers will be seeking brands that are making a conscious effort to infuse their responsibly made formulas with productive, yet harmless ingredients. In a July 2020 article published in WWD titled “COVID-19 Amplifies Demand for Clean Beauty, Wellness Products,” the writer states nearly 72% of all respondents in a consumer report said it was important to purchase healthy or clean products, regardless of age. LYS Beauty is proud to offer vegan and cruelty free cosmetic products that are 100% gluten free, talc free, fragrance free, mineral oil free and SLS free. Additionally, LYS takes efforts a step further with our own list of excluded ingredients.


Shift in Corporate Responsibility Expectations

The need for continual and intentional inclusion presents clear expectations from consumers, and we can expect to find success in brands who are committed to change on both external and internal levels. This personalized approach to purchasing means people will primarily spend their hard-earned money on brands who are laser focused on corporate social responsibility with brand values that align with their personal ethos. This includes everything from complexion shade ranges to color payoff on different skin tones, representation in visual elements, equitable hiring practices, charitable giving, well-executed influencer marketing, and sustainability efforts. Consumers will likely gravitate towards brands who take interest in their needs and understand their concerns as consumers — the issues they face, what they care about, what they want to see from their brand, what they need from a product standpoint.


Shift in Attitude

After a year with undeniable highs and lows, the most exciting shift yet is the change in attitude. Regardless if you’re an everyday makeup wearer, or reserve glam for special occasions, the original celebratory nature of the beauty industry is back and better than ever. Because this time, everyone gets a seat at the table! After months of lockdown, cancelled trips, and nowhere to go, beauty consumers are celebrating self-expression through makeup with fun, spirited looks that reveal their true authentic selves. Empowerment and self-love are pillars within the industry, shifting the dialogue from what you should be to celebrating what you are naturally. As authenticity rises to the top of priorities with both brands and consumers, we will see people latching onto what makes them unique!