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The Perfect Product Layering For A Glowing Complexion

The Perfect Product Layering For A Glowing Complexion

We all know the feeling of coming home from a Sephora shopping visit and unpacking your entire haul of products that you don’t need but must have! It’s an adrenaline rush with pure bliss. And while hunting down the perfect products is no easy feat, learning the order in which products should be applied is a completely different challenge. Product layering is the secret trick to ensuring products are maximizing efficacy, so it’s important to layer in the right order to avoid the products not working properly, or worse irritating your skin.  

Ever wonder if oil goes before moisturizer? And when does SPF make an appearance? Well, we’ve got you covered. Introducing: Product Layering 101: an LYS-approved overview of which products go first and WHY to promote a visibly radiant and glowing complexion this winter. This morning and nighttime breakdown will get you started towards a rejuvenated complexion, whether you’re wearing full glam or rocking your natural complexion.  




Product Layering: Morning  

When it comes to morning skincare, less is certainly more. After spending the entire evening restoring your skin’s moisture levels, the last thing you want is to wash it all away.  

Step 1: Foam or Gel Cleanser 
Those with normal to dry skin can skip this step, if needed, and use lukewarm water and a towelette to cleanse the skin in the morning. If you struggle with unwanted oil or blemishes, use a gentle, non-stripping cleanser in the morning to give your skin a quick refresh.  

Step 3: Toner  
Toners have made a huge comeback since being introduced as the alcohol-based liquids that left skin looking and feeling irritated. Nowadays, these dual-functioning skincare savers act as a skin prep to remove any remaining oil or debris from the skin before applying serums. It’s the most optional part of the routine but can seriously enhance the performance of proceeding products.  

Step 4: Serum 
Serums are the seemingly life-changing products that help target specific skin concerns with concentrated ingredients. The Think Bright Glow + Hydrate Serum is enriched with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to supply skin with vital moisture. This vegan option is suitable for those with normal to dry skin types, as the lightweight formula works to revive dehydrated skin. It’s also formulated with Licorice Extract to help gradually reduce the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone.  

Step 5: Eye Treatment  
Eyes are often one the earliest places to show visible signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Preventative eye care is crucial in any makeup routine to keep the delicate skin around the eyes supple and youthful looking. Gently apply any eye treatment targeting dryness, under eye circles, puffiness, or whatever your primary concern is both morning and night for desired results.  

Step 7: SPF  
Sun protectant is important whether you’re spending the day inside or exploring the outdoors. At an early age, make it a habit to apply daily SPF (at least SPF 30) to protect your skin against the sun’s harsh UV rays. This is the easiest way to prevent the onset of skin aging or emphasized dark spots.  




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Product Layering: Evening 

The goal of the nighttime skincare routine is to rid your skin of any makeup and impurities from the day before reloading the face with nourishing ingredients and hydrators that will help you wake up looking refreshed. After all, it is called beauty sleep. This winter, apply your evening skincare in the following order to fight off dull, lackluster skin.  

Step 1: Double Cleanse  
Double cleansing is any skincare professionals’ go-to hack for getting rid of makeup with long staying power. Cleanse the face first with an oil-based cleanser to effectively break down the makeup. Once the product is rinsed, go in with a foam or gel-based cleanser to give skin the ultimate wash it needs to absorb the following products.  

Step 2: Toner  
If there’s any remaining traces of product or debris, applying toner with a cotton pad will quickly remove it. Concentrate on congested areas for pores, like the t-zone or chin, as well as hard-to-reach areas like the neck.  

Step 3: Serum 
If you’re a serum hoarder, this is where you can experiment with a different formula to target additional skincare concerns. Find clean, antioxidant-rich formulas that help provide lasting hydration and resurface skin.  

Step 4: Eye Treatment  
Because who wants to wake up with tired eyes? 

Step 5: Moisturizer 
Moisturizer is essential whether you have oily/combination skin or fall on the dry end of the spectrum. It keeps skin equipped with the vital moisture needed to function properly. Finding the right moisturizer is key. Those wanting to keep excess oil at bay should opt for a light weight gel moisturizer, while drier skin types will likely gravitate towards thicker cream formulas.  

Step 6: Oil  
Oil is the finishing touch on any nighttime routine, effectively locking in the products. Oil, while commonly misused as a hydrator, doesn’t actually provide moisture to the skin. Instead, it acts as a sealant to keep products deeply penetrated into the pores for the most favorable results.