Building a skincare regimen or makeup collection can be intimidating with endless options catered to various skin concerns, like hyperpigmentation, blemishes, sun damage, wrinkles, redness and more. Before cashing out on the latest skincare craze or overhauling on a new lineup, it’s worth taking the time to deeply understand your skin type and its particular needs. Our team is dishing the best tips and tricks for tending to your skin type from restoring moisture to diffusing the look of pores, there is a product for everyone. This comprehensive guide will help you identify the key characteristics associated with the most common skin types, as well as product recommendations suitable for each type. 

Oily Skin is characterized by excess sebum, or oil, production on the skin, which yields a shiny or greasy look. Beauty lovers with oily skin tend to gravitate towards mattifying formulas to help control the look of shine throughout the day. If untreated, oily skin can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Those with oily skin in concentrated areas are considered Combination Skin Types, which is defined as varying levels of oil production on the face. 

Dry/Dehydrated skin, whether caused by environmental factors like weather, medication, or vitamin deficiencies, is characterized by a general loss of moisture in the skin. Dry skin has varying levels of severity from dullness and small, flaky areas to more persistent scaling, itching and cracking. Formulas created for dryness often offer moisture-enriching benefits to help soothe and revitalize the skin.

Mature skin, which is identified by drier and finer skin with deep wrinkles and/or age spots, refers to the changes present from aging. Due to exogenous lifestyle factors, like sun exposure, diet and tobacco usage, mature skin has various characteristics from loss of firmness to change in color and tone. 

Blemish-Prone skin, which is overly shiny in appearance, refers to skin with excess oil pro/shinyduction, resulting in comedones and pimples. Those with blemish-prone skin are more susceptible to blackheads, inflammation and acne breakouts due to the body’s over-production of oil. 

Sensitive/Red skin types are characterized by the skin’s sensitivity and general overreactions to certain ingredients or environmental factors, often resulting in visible irritation and inflammation.

Having a deep understanding for your skin type is the first step in achieving your desired complexion, but the next order of business is understanding which products to use (and when) for the best result.

The Oily Skin Guide

Perfecting your makeup routine with oily skin can be a daunting task, but the right line-up of products will have you embracing your skin’s natural radiance--not concealing it. The natural tendency for oily skin types is to gravitate towards mattifying formulas, but finding formulas that provide moisture while also controlling excess shine is key.

Complexion Companion:
The Triple Fix Translucent Pressed Setting Powder is the perfect pairing for oily skin types. Finely milled in texture, this everyday powder instantly diffuses the look of pores and sets makeup in place. It’s formulated with Niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while the Sodium Hyaluronate helps skin retain its vital moisture. The pressed formula makes it easy for touch-ups on-the-go.
Pro Tip: To control excess shine during the warmer months, gently set your primer before applying foundation to lock in your products for lasting benefits. 


The Dry Skin Guide

Nothing interferes with a radiant, healthy-looking complexion like dull, dry skin. That’s why finding makeup formulas that infuse skin with intensive hydration is paramount for dry skin types.

Complexion Companion:
The Triple Fix Serum Foundation is created to become your skin’s best friend, satisfying both your skincare and foundation fix at the same time. With 35 flexible shades, this breathable serum foundation creates a natural, light-to-medium coverage veil on the skin while delivering vital moisture to the skin. Fortified by Ashwagandha, Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric and Avocado Oil, this everyday foundation helps soothe and revitalize dry skin for guilt-free wearability.
Pro Tip: For dry cracked lips, apply Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment, which doubles as an overnight treatment to help restore lasting moisture in the lips with Cold-Pressed Chia Seed Oil, Vitamin E and a nourishing blend of Sunflower, Carrot, Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Oil.


The Mature Skin Guide

When it comes to beauty products, never let your inner child go!  If you have mature skin, embrace color cosmetics with cream or liquid-based formulas to deliver the high impact color we all love, while also tending to the skin’s need for hydration.

Complexion Companion:
The Higher Standard Satin Matte Cream Blushes are the key to achieving and maintaining a vibrant, youthful look at any age. Ultra-velvety and creamy in feel, these blushes effortlessly blend onto the cheeks, giving skin an instant pick-me-up. With six bold shades that complement various skin tones and makeup looks, Higher Standard gives cheeks a natural, yet irresistible flush of color. The formula is enriched with Kaolin Clay, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E to help reduce the look of pores, lock in hydration and help soothe skin, respectively.
Pro Tip: For a natural pop of color on the lips, gently dab Higher Standard onto the lips as a tint and top with Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment Oil.


The Blemish-Prone Skin Guide

There’s no denying the frustration that comes with pesky blemishes popping up at the most inopportune times, but that does not mean those with blemish-prone skin should shy away from makeup. The key is identifying skin-first formulas with gentle ingredients suitable for blemish-prone skin types.

Complexion Companion:
When creating a flawless makeup look, preparing the canvas is an integral step in ensuring the foundation, concealer and other complexion products apply properly. The Secure Skin Gripping Serum Primer is formulated with Niacinamide and Ginger Root Extract, which help limit excess shine and visibly improve skin texture and tone. The tacky, yet comfortable silicone-free formula latches onto complexion products and helps balance the look of skin.
Pro Tip: For no-makeup days, apply Secure Skin to your t-zone (or areas with enlarged pores) to help diffuse the look of skin without the makeup. 


The Sensitive Skin Guide

When it comes to handling sensitive skin, even the smallest details matter. While finding the perfect product mix is essential, investing in the proper cruelty-free tools will help reduce irritation during the application process.

Complexion Companion: The LYS Beauty Foundation Brush, Powder Brush, Sculpt/Bronzing Brush and Stippling Blush Brush are densely packed with antibacterial and hypoallergenic bristles, making them the perfect match for sensitive skin.
Pro Tip: Clean brushes using a gentle, antibacterial soap following each use to avoid product buildup and skin irritation.